Sunday, February 3, 2008

Online Book Exchange and Online Professor Review

If elected I will increase usage of SMUSA's Online book Exchange and Online Professor Review.

The book exchange is a great tool for students to use and find cheap text books. If you are looking to get ride of a book you no longer need, chances are there is someone out there looking for your book. I will work to make this service more user friendly, increase advirtising and usage, and make sure students are getting as many used books at a good price as possible.

The Online Professor Review system is a place where students can make objective reviews of professors and classes. This site is much better than I will work to increase the number of students using the site, as well as the number of classes and professors reviewed. The main way I will do this is to promote the site during peak times when students are looking to review a prof, such as the end of each semester.

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