Sunday, February 3, 2008

Eco friendly SMU

What would you idea of a sustainable campus be?

While campus sustainability is not directly mandated in the job description of the VP Academic, I think each Exec also works on what they are passionate about and what effects the students in a positive way. Helping to make Saint Mary's a more environmentally friendly place is something I believe very strongly in.

Previous successes:
-Currently sit on the SMU Sustainability task force
-Environmental Studies major
-Helped create and implement SMUSA's new Sustainability policy
-Working on organizing SMU's first annual Sustainability day
-Hot and Sexy Recycling program in Residence

Future plans if elected:
-Continue to work to make SMU more environmentally friendly and sustainable
-Implement and improve initiatives such as the carpool ride board, bike racks, etc.
-Lobby the university to aquire a Sustainability coordinator and open a sustainability office
-Implement a university wide sustainability policy

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