Sunday, February 3, 2008

Being Transparent

Any well run organization is transparent to the members. For SMUSA, this would mean that the students have a good understanding of what the Executive is up to, what they are working on, and where resources are being allocated. As VP Academic, I would like to increase the amount of transparency that SMUSA has. I'm not saying we are bad at this, any student is welcome to come to the SRC meetings (held every third Sunday), anyone can drop by the 5th floor to chat with one of the Execs, but we could be doing a better job of this.

I'm really not exactly sure how to go about this. There could be a town-hall style meeting on the last Friday of every month where students could drop by and ask questions, hear about what each VP is up to, but I don't know if anyone would come. Maybe, if elected, I could put a weekly feature in the Journal about what I'm working on. What is your idea?

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